Welcome to the Weed Genomic Data Repository

An online database of genomic and transcriptomic information for weed species. The repository is updated on a regular basis in include information for new weed species. It currently allows for searching assembled transcriptomes via annotation keywords or nucleic acid strings. Results can be downloaded as text files in fasta format. A separate repository of genes associated with target site resistance to herbicide for economically important weed species is also available. These sequences were acquired from the NCBI Nucleotide database.

Search Tools

Gene Description Search

Search assembled transcriptomes by keyword annotations.

Sequence Search

Search transcripts by nucleotide sequence and species and threshold (uses BLASTn).

Herbicide Resistance per Gene

Search target-site herbicide resistances by gene and genus.

Target Site Search

Find known target-site mutations in a nucleotide sequence from several target site options.